25 February 2019 | Aija Zucika, LEIF

Feeding the Latvian Policy Process: Creating recommendations towards a new national renewable energy policy

At the moment less than 2% of the Latvian Energy supply are generated by on-shore wind energy and only around 10% of Latvia's 119 municipalities have some form of wind energy installation. With the exception of a few coastal communities,...


29 November 2018 | Ecorys

The New Balearic Law on Climate Change and the Opportunities for the Integration of Wind Energy in Protected Areas

This blog is an excerpt from the the 2nd WinWind Policy brief. It is based on the conclusions of the Thematic Workshop organised by Ecorys Spain in Mahón (Menorca) on 8 November 2018. IntroductionScientific research has...


31 July 2018 | Merethe Dotterud Leiren and Stine Aakre

10 factors for social acceptability of wind energy in wind energy scarce regions

Wind Energy Scarce Regions (WESR) are regions with wind energy penetration levels that are considerably lower than EU average. In WinWind we study a number of these regions in six countries: Saxony and Thuringia in Germany, Lazio and...


13 March 2018 | Michele Zuin, ICLEI Europe

WinWind to contribute to European Union goal to increase the share of Renewable Energy

The European Union wants to use more renewables to meet its energy needs, lower its energy import dependence and drive technological innovation and employment across Europe. Renewable energy produced from wind in wind energy scarce regions...