11 October 2018

Hearing all sides - discussing experiences with wind power in the Fosen Region

In the Norwegian Region of Fosen, Europe's largest onshore wind power projectis being realised, comprising six wind farms in total. But while local infrastructure and businesses are thriving, the local Sami population experiences negative consequences. Reindeer husbandry requires a lot of land - and once the remaining wind developments have been completed in Fosen, there will barely be any untouched nature left in the region. Wind power developments add to the stress the Sami pupulation is already experiencing due to cabins being build and increased traffic in general. So much stress, that the herders have appealed to the courts against the developments.


In stark contrast, the local business community in Åfjord experiences that business is thriving. Power lines have been strengthened and road improvements have been made, including protection against avalanches. Local businesses have increased their activities; carrying out a lot of the infrastructure work, and accommodating and catering for the many workers in the wind parks. And for the local public authorities, the increased tax income is important. However, there are concerns about what happens when the construction activities have been completed.


Both these views were heard in an event conducted by WinWind partners CICERO and NVE on the 11th of October. Next to NVE presenting their work with the “national frame” for wind power in Norway and the history behind the development of wind power in Fosen, the event focused on a discussion about experiences, challenges and benefits related to wind power in Fosen. Lastly discutants went to visit Roan wind park, the largest wind park in Norway.