15 March 2018

Polish Wind Energy Association confirms active engagement in WinWind project

As a follow-up to the Polish National Stakeholder Desk kick-off meeting last February, project partners from the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE) met once more with the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW) on March 15. 2018.

KAPE took the opportunity to present more in detail the upcoming activities of the WinWind project and to discuss publicly available results. It was agreed that future public results will be made available to and discussed between the two organisations, as a strong basis for future co-operation. 

PSEW confirmed its willingness of active participation in the Polish National Desk and further engagement in the upcoming thematic workshops. The association highlighted WinWind's criteria for the selection of best practice cases, as well as the in depth case analysis as most important aspects of the project from their perspective.

Both organisations agreed, that widespread social acceptance and its increase are a key success factor for wind energy in Poland, with WinWind bringing an innovative, deep and fresh approach to the table.

PSEW was represented by Janusz Gajowiecki (President of the Board) Magdalena Klera-Nowopolska (Environment & Development Department Manager) and Ewa Magiera (Strategy and Communication Department). From KAPE Zbigniew Szpak (President), Piotr Chrzanowski and Ryszard Wnuk took part in the meeting.