23 May 2018

FFU presents WinWind at Agrar-Social Society Spring Meeting

On May 23, 2018 Michael Krug (Environmental Policy Research Center - FFU) presented the WinWind project at this year's Spring Meeting of the Agrar-Social Society (Agrarsoziale Gesellschaft e.V.).The meeting took place in Brandenburg/Havel...


22 May 2018

WinWind presents at 5th international Greening the Islands Conference

Nicoletta del Bufalo from project partner ECORYS introduced the WinWind project at this year's 5th International Greening the Islands Conference. WinWind was part of a Session on Energy, focussing on Current and future challenges of the...


21 May 2018

Polish Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management supports WinWind

On May 21, 2018 Piotr Nowakowski and Ryszard Wnuk from WinWind partner KAPE met with a representative of the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and Tomasz Koprowiak, the former mayor of Kisielice,  in a...


17 May 2018

WinWind contributes to SICS 2018

The SICS 2018 (Seminario Internacional de las Comarcas Sostenibles), is a renowned event organized by las Comarcas del Sureste de Gran Canaria that was held for the 13th time on 16 and 17 May 2018. Roland Schumann from ACER, participated in...


15 May 2018

Advisory Board set-up - first meeting to be held in July

Whilst the national/regional desks in Germany, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland and Spain function as the internal stakeholder advisory groups for the WinWind project, an Advisory Board has been established as an external panel of experts to...