11 June 2018

WinWind meets with stakeholders in Menorca

On Monday 11 June, Ecorys Spain brought together civil society groups, energy utility companies and the Menorcan government in Mahón, in the island of Menorca to discuss the current energy situation on the island and the main barriers to the social acceptance of wind energy.

The lively multi-faceted discussion was supported by introductory information on the situation in the Balearic Islands as well as a Skype presentation from representatives of the Canary Islands, who explained their experience in developing wind power in their region, which shares with the Balearic Islands a comparable context of insularity and a tourism-based economy.

The main barriers to the social acceptance of wind energy seemed to concern the visual impact of windmills in the landscape and the potential threat to endangered species of birds. Other barriers were the memory of negative experiences with former wind energy projects, administrative obstacles and political discrepancies between stakeholders. Participants actively engaged in the debate and made substantial contributions which will certainly help to move the WinWind project forward.

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