15 November 2018

Latvian WinWind team joins national environment ministry working group

On 15 November 2018, WinWind partners from the  Latvian Environmental Investment Fund, LEIF attended the first working group meeting of the Ministry for Regional Development and Environmental Protection of Latvia. The working group was set-up under the scope of the Interreg Europa project "FIRESPOL - Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Investment”. The aim of the working group is to develop and discuss proposals for national regulations and changes to planning documents, which could facilitate the development of the Renewable Energy Sources sector in Latvia. The WinWind partners function as representatives of the wind energy sector.


In the first group meeting, a general presentation on the WinWind project was held as well as the best practices that have been analysed in its scope in Latvia, Norway, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Italy introduced.


The outcomes of the working group will be summarised in a report of proposals aimed at feeding new regulatory processes and planning document development in the Ministry of Regional Development and Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Transport, and the Ministry of Economics.