21 November 2018

WinWind enriches public consultation process for new Balearic law on climate change

On 21 November 2018, Nicoletta del Bufalo, director of ECORYS Spain, presented the WinWind Project in the frame of a conference series on the new Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition in the Balearic Islands. Organised in the headquarters of the Balearic Parliament (Palma de Mallorca) by Aliança Mar Blava, the event took place in the framework of the public consultation process for the approval of the aforementioned law. It was set-up as a meeting point for researchers, policymakers and civil society groups to exchange ideas about the potential impact of new energy systems in the archipelago.


The presentation of WinWind provoked a lively discussion on the existing barriers and drivers for social acceptance of wind energy in the region. This represents a crucial debate at a time when a decision towards decarbonisation of the islands and the use of all possible renewable energy sources -including wind power- seems imminent.