14 March 2019

Instruments and benefits for local communities: Thematic Workshop in the Lazio Region

The Italian project partners ENEA and EcoAzioni organised a thematic workshop on "Wind Energy - Instruments and benefits for local communities” on 21.02.2019 at the ENEA Headquarters in Rome, Italy.


After a brief presentation of the main WinWind project results and good practices identified,  the Mayor of Tula (Province of Sassari in model region Sardinia) presented in detail the benefits arising from the Tula wind park implementation for his community in economic, social and environmental terms. It was highlighted that an efficient management of the Wind Royalties within the local community focusing on local interests, represents a key element to improve social acceptance. It is also a useful tool for growing energy communities.


Two keynote speeches were held on the relevant changes in Italian EIA regulations (Legislative decree 104/2017) and on the analysis at territorial level of the determinants of wind energy evolution in Italy. It was underlined that criteria such as health, effects on ecosystems, climate change, and climate change vulnerabilities are now taken more into account in the EIA procedure, and how the use of IT decision support systems becomes strategic for defining wind sites also with respect to landscape, environment, and the social and urban economy.


In a dedicated final session of the Workshop, over 25 stakeholder discussed the above issues and various aspects related to regulations and instruments aimed at facilitating social acceptance of wind energy.