Stakeholder Desks


The National Desk in Spain, based in Madrid, covers technical aspects on Spanish national policy on wind energy and liaises with a ‘model’ region (the Canary Islands) and a ‘WESR’ region (the Balearic Islands). The Desk is coordinated by ECORYS España with the support of ACER (Canary Islands’ Renewable Energy Agency). It is organized as a hub for serving national, regional and local stakeholders belonging to key sectors for the development of wind energy.


In Spain, the contribution of renewable energy sources to the electric generation mix is nearly 40%. In 2017, wind energy was the second source of electrical generation at the national level, with 23.092MW of accumulated capacity. The Balearic Islands’ current wind energy generation is the second lowest in Spain, accounting for the 0.02% of the national market share with only 3.68MW installed.


The main goal of this National Desk is to contribute to the establishment of a dialogue between the stakeholders who take part in the decision-making process of developing wind energy in these regions. Thus, the Desk will analyse the example of the ‘model’ region and the possibility to transfer good practices to the ‘WESR’ region.


The National Desk has so far organised half a dozen public events, mainly in the target region (the Balearic Islands), but also in the model region (the Canary Islands). A multitude of stakeholders have attended and actively participated these events. They have included members of both the regional and local government, regional parliamentarians, academics, civil society, environmental NGOs, industry, power supply, engineers, scientists, consumers associations etc.


The National Desk has been extremely successful at instigating and sustaining dialogue between these stakeholders. This dialogue has been strongly facilitating the identification of key barriers for the social acceptance of wind energy in the Balearic Islands, as well as providing a platform for constructive and meaningful discussions on how to overcome such barriers.


Additionally, the Desk has also been involved in numerous other dissemination activities on the topic of sustainable energies in Islands, reaching out to regional, national and European audiences.