18 November 2019

Italian WinWind partners contribute to International Experts Meeting in Rome

A Topical Expert Meeting (TEM) on wind plant decommissioning, repoweing and recycling, was hosted by IEA Wind and GSE Italy in Rome, Italy on November 14-15,2019.  It gathered experts from the whole world to discuss best practices regarding turbine end-of-life, components recycling and wind park dismantling/repowering. During the meeting Massimo Bastiani and Virna Venerucci from Ecoazioni, together with Tania Giuffrida from ENEA presented preliminary results of WinWind, focusing on the transfer model of repowering from Abruzzo (IT) to the Balearic Islands (SP) developed within the project.


The meetings organised by IEA wind's Task 11, play an important role since they aim to begin the conversation about new technical and scientific developments and information needs. Task 11 is also an important catalyst for starting new research tasks within IEA Wind. It is frequent that after a TEM, an ad hoc working group will write a proposal to begin a new research task.