27 August 2019

Transfer of best practices: WinWind enters final project stage!

Based on the analysis and best practice identification completed in the first stages of the project, WinWind has now started to transfer selected best practice measures to Wind Energy Scarce Regions (WESRs) across Europe.


In total the project will support six best practice transfers, two in county and four cross-country. More information on all best practices cases can be found here.  



To support the transfers, the project conducts a row of transfer workshops in these learning regions, two have already been completed; the first one in May in Abruzzo, Italy, the second one in August in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The sessions are addressed to a wide range of relevant stakeholders, focus on concrete measures for community participation and engagement, and build strategic scenarios and ideas for implementation on the targeted territories. The remaining workshops are going to be conducted in until the end of 2019 followed by a final transfer seminar in early 2020.


Each transfer process is guided by a transfer management plan and accompanied by a transfer team consisting of stakeholders and market actors from the WESR, mentoring experts from the WinWind consortium, and experts from the best practices cases to be implemented.


Based on the outcomes and experiences of the first workshop in Pescara, Abruzzo a template for a Memorandum of Understanding was created, which aims to formalise the transfer processes in the learning regions. A full report on the transfer workshop in Pescara can be found here.