25 February 2019

Policies and strategies to enhance the social inclusive market of wind energy

The Italian project partners ENEA and Ecoazioni organised the policy Rountable on "Policies and strategies to enhance  the social inclusive market of wind energy”on 21.02.2019 at the ENEA Headquarters in Rome, Italy.


In total, 25 stakeholders attended the event. These included representatives of the competent Ministries who are responsible for the Energy planning process, as well as representatives of local authorities from Abruzzo and Sardinia, which have been involved for the case studies. Additionally,  major Italian energy companies including ENEL Green Power, Vestas, Edison, E2i Energie speciali also attended to the meeting.


The policy roundtable was moderated by Giorgia Rambelli from ICLEI,  who began the session by drawing attention on the benefits of the new EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, which provides the basis for developing national enabling frameworks which are related to the national planning process, as well as  supporting citizens and communities to investing in renewables. The discussion was focused on the barriers and drivers for energy community’s development, the connection between repowering and suitable areas, the relationship between local and national authorities and also the dissemination of information on co-benefits of wind energy to citizens. Specific regulations should be implemented in Italy in order to facilitate the repowering activities and the energy community’s development, two key solutions to deal with social acceptance issues. At the end of the meeting, the representatives from  national Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea Protection (MATTM) and the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE)  pointed out that the results of WinWind can help the diffusion of wind power in Italy. A contribution was requested for the implementation of the 2030 National Energy and Climate Plan.